Testimonials on Grampian Autistic Society

Robin’s Story

Robin has received great support from GAS as a regular service user throughout his life.

Robin - Employment Service User
When I was younger, I went to the GAS Jigsaw Playscheme. We would go out on trips and I made friends with other children, which was not easy for me, but the people working at Playscheme helped me a lot. When I was a teenager, I had an outreach support worker from GAS. All the people who helped me were very inclusive and helped me to do the things I wanted to do, like going to play pool or bowling and going to the gym. When I went to college, they helped me learn independent living skills.

After college, I started doing volunteer work and I always wanted to get a paid job. During the last year, I got help from the GAS Employment Support Service. They helped me with applying for jobs and doing interviews and I got good experience. In October last year, I was successful in getting a paid job, which has been my dream for quite a while. I am continuing with this work at a local foodbank, and it is good to know that GAS is still there to support me if I need it.

Alex’s Story

Alex received invaluable support from GAS with his studies.

Alex - Service User
The support I received from GAS while undertaking a two year course at Aberdeen College was an important part in helping me complete the course. I struggled with organisation and coping with work volume. My support worker helped me structure my workload and coached me through stressful periods. I am eternally thankful for the help I received through the patience and understanding of someone I felt understood my condition.

Mhairi’s Story

Mhairi receives fantastic support from GAS with day-to-day activities and problem solving.

Mhairi - Service User

My name is Mhairi and I have Aspergers Syndrome. Getting support and being able to talk about it really helps me. I get help in the house and with shopping. My support workers and I do things together like going away for a day or an evening out and it makes me happy.

Carly’s Story

Carly has been working and developing skills with us since 2017

Mhairi - Service User

I have worked in Playscheme since late 2017, starting as a member of support staff. Progressing to a Deputy Team Leader position and now I am a Team Leader

As a Primary Education student who hopes to work as an Additional Support Needs teacher, the opportunities and experiences I have gained at GAS have been invaluable. I really enjoy my job as every day is different. It has been amazing to get to know and develop relationships with a variety of children, all with unique personalities and needs.Working with the staff in the Playscheme has been great and I’ve been able to learn lots from my co-workers in a supportive enviorment

Irene’s Story

Irene has found working with GAS rewarding as job and for her studies

Mhairi - Service User


“Hello, my name is Irene and I have worked at GAS since March 2019. I am working part-time in the Outreach Service and I have been providing one-to-one support to the service users.

I have always been interested in autism as I have an autistic brother back home in Italy, and it amazes me how many things I have learnt during my working hours that helped me understand and support my brother better. Furthermore, as a Psychology student, working at GAS has been extremely helpful and interesting, as it allows me to see and put in practice many things I have studied at university.

I really enjoy my job, it’s very rewarding. I love interacting with my clients, getting to know them, and trying different activities with them like bowling or swimming. All the staff members are very nice and I always feel very supported, even when I am alone with a service user. I like being part of a team, especially because we can always give advice to each other or talk about a service user that we both support and I think that is so helpful for better understanding the service user’s needs and characteristics.


Rachel’s Story

Rachel gained valuable work experience from her time with GAS.

Rachel - Aberdeen Team Member
As a student teacher, working at GAS has given me the opportunity to earn money while at the same time gaining experience that will be invaluable to my future career as a teacher. Recently, in a Professional Studies workshop at university, we discussed that it’s essential for all teachers to receive autism training. I can’t think of a better way for future teachers to get this than working directly with children one-to-one somewhere like the Jigsaw Playscheme. You learn so much more from the children than any lecture at university will ever teach you!

I know that I will be much more confident going into my probationary year after working at GAS, and more confident knowing that I can make school a better experience for all the children in my class. Another thing is that, if you’re a student teacher and love children, even when it’s challenging it will be a rewarding job because you can really see the positive impact you’re having on the children.

Jessica’s Story

Jessica has used a number of our childrens services

Rachel - Aberdeen Team Member

Our daughter attended GAS on a weekly basis for several years. I would honestly say it was a lifeline not only for us as her parents but for her. What makes GAS so special is the fact that each child is treated with the utmost respect and as an individual in their own right. Communication is key and as a parent you want to know that your child is safe and having a great time.

If there were any issues, then GAS would contact us with a solution that they were willing to try. They never give up and wanted our daughter to have the best experience possible while she was there. Our daughter had a great relationship with the staff at GAS and keep in contact to this day, with some of the staff. The amount of support that we received from GAS in helping with any issues at school has also been fantastic. I can not recommend them enough.

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