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Brian Walsh

Working together with the Board of Directors, Brian is primarily responsible for the implementation and delivery of the strategic plan and has day-to-day responsibility for the management of the Society.

Pearl Begbie

Registered Manager with the Scottish Social Services Council for all Outreach and Play-scheme support services. Responsible for the management of all support staff providing direct service provision and is the main contact for the Outreach service and Social Support Groups.

Zosia Strazek

Leading and supporting a team of support staff/Team Leaders to ensure the provision of a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children with an ASC, Zosia is the main contact for the Playscheme service and Sibling Support Group.

Lisa Moir

Developing and delivering training and appropriate practice guidelines and processes, in relation to the needs of staff, people with ASCs, their families and associated professionals, Lisa is the main contact for training enquiries and Employment Support.

Becky Rafferty

Provides administrative support to ensure the efficient running of the Society, implements the quality assurance programme, and sets rotas for service provision.